About Us:

Corinthian Publishing Group is an independent publishing group based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Corinthian Publishing Group was established to provide readers with thought-provoking works inspired by the classical tradition. With its inaugural publication Corinthian Publishing Group follows in the footsteps of the Reed publishing family of New Zealand. Formerly known as  Reed Publishing, after nearly a century of publishing, the house of Reed ceased in 2007 on the merger with the Pearson-Penguin group.

With the publication of A Few Hundred Thoughts in 2009, grandson Richard Reed continues in the family publishing tradition. With over fifteen years experience in establishing and managing start-ups in Silicon Valley, Japan and Thailand, and a D.Phil from the University of Oxford, Dr. Reed brings more than just a prominent publishing name with him to the industry. There is a drive and passion for publishing fine works of both fiction and non-fiction in the tradition of Reed Publishing.

Corinthian Publishing Group will soon be expanding its coverage with a new imprint focused on children's publications that inspire young minds to actively explore and engage with the rich world around them.

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