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Pirene Press celebrates works about Classics – beginning with the fountains of Greece and Rome and the Mediterranean world and their intellectual outflowings, including the arts, literature, mythology, philology, archaeology, philosophy and related studies – and how the reception of the ancient world through millennia demonstrates that Classics are still foundational for understanding Western Culture. Humanities are thoroughly grounded in Classics, as writers and artists have alluded in countless works.

Pirene Press is named after the famous Peirene spring in Corinth frequented by Muses and the winged horse Pegasus, each of which symbolizes inspiration in different forms. Pirene is a Latin variant of Peirine used by Ovid and others. Pirene Press publishes creative works such as collections of poetry and fiction, where original contributions of the highest imagination and the highest standard of writing are subtly combined. Pirene prioritizes volumes that extend the inimitable legacy of Petrarch and Erasmus, in the vein of mythic novels or musings such as Mary Renault’s The Bull from the Sea and Roberto Calasso’s The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony or even Nietzsche’s Also sprach Zarathustra , all of which have had profound impact as their ripples in the Classical watershed continue to spread outward.

In this tradition, the first Pirene Press offering is Cloud Shadows of Olympus: Collected Poems from 2006 - 2009 , a collection of verses by poet Patrick Hunt, whose poems have been published in Poet Lore , Classical Outlook and by the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, the Classical Association in Britain and in The Penguin Book of Classical Myths , among others. Pirene Press has additionally published by Patrick Hunt, A Few Hundred Thoughts: Selected Aphorisms and Fabulae . Pirene Press is pleased to announce the publication of a third volume by Patrick Hunt, Landscapes Antique and Imagined: Collected Poems from 2009-2014 .

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