Current Publications:

Cloud Shadows Of Olympus: Collected Poems from 2006 - 2009 , by Patrick Hunt

Cloud Shadows of Olympus: Collected Poems from 2006 - 2009 weaves a rich tapestry of classical imagery that transports the reader from the gates of Elysium to Cyrus’ garden at Pasargad and beyond. Drawing from an encyclopedic knowledge of antiquity and its reception, the author presents a series of vignettes, each of which seamlessly blends past and present. This intimate collection of verses matches erudition with a powerful evocation of a world that bursts alive in the hearts and minds of readers.

A Few Hundred Thoughts: Selected Aphorisms and Fabulae , by Patrick Hunt

From James Geary's blog, All Aphorisms, All the Time 2008: "Patrick Hunt is an archaeologist, writer, composer, poet, art historian—and damn fine aphorist…He has a knack for making discoveries: In 1996, he found the 9,000-foot-high quarry for the Temple of Jupiter in the Fenetre de Ferret pass adjacent to the Great St. Bernard Pass, and he directed a team that found a Roman silver coin hoard in the Swiss Alps in 2003. His aphorisms come from several different books, including Faust (1982), Proverbs (1989), and The Laws of Nature (2000).”

Landscapes Antqiue and Imagined: Collected Poems from 2009-2014 , by Patrick Hunt

Patrick Hunt’s fifth collection of poetry follows his antiquarian and eclectic interests across history, art and music, mostly filtered through the meme of Classicism. At times lyrical, ekphrastic, and ironic, his influences range from Sappho and Martial to Coleridge and the Bible as well as Rabelais and Verlaine.

Forthcoming Publications:

The Templar's Garden , by Catherine Alette

It is the year 1452 and the de Courteault family, like many other Gascons loyal to the English administration in Gascony, evacuate the duchy of Aquitaine for what they hope will be a better life in England. This is the story of the life of Lady Isabelle de Courteault, as told in her own words, as she reflects upon her life and compiles her journals at the end of her life at the Hermitage in Projan in the Pyrenees. In this novel, the first in a triology, the young Isa faces the truth about her family’s secret past as members of the Knights Templar. The mysterious origins of the shroud of Turin, or Mandylion, now has a fresh new source.

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